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I hope nobody will ever read the following articles. :-)

SymbolionSymbolion - my review of a great sci-fi novel
Symbolion is a remarkable science-fiction novel written in a fresh way. It magnificently captures the atmosphere of the twilight of mankind. I actually read the book in one breath a year ago, so I am writing this enthusiastic review with enough distance to be able to compare.

FettersFreedom means to choose one's fetters
Here I am with another blog post written in English. Someone told me that I would have had more readers if I had written it in the Czech language. Perhaps. But I do not post articles on my blog to get as many readers as possible. I don’t care about statistics. I simply write for friends...

In older design (the website is in construction):

Old Romans were rightThe ancient Romans already knew it
When I read the ancient Roman texts, I realise that there is a truth in them that people forget and then rediscover. It is known by different names: Psychology, Democracy, Sociology – but everything has already been put into words in the past.

StatueThe story of an immigrant to the US
My poem in English published for a change. Enjoy!

Live foreverDo you really want to live forever?
There is only one way to physical immortality. Not individual immortality (we know what the way of all flesh is and sometimes certain events remind us of this fact too well) but immortality of the genes that formed us into what we are... We personally will never see the 23rd century, but some of our descendants will. In fact, only genes are immortal, flowing from an unknown past, combining themselves and creating new individuals ...

Be kindThe importance of being kind
There was a big celebration in Olomouc - the famous Holy Trinity Column was listed as a UNESCO monument – a rare occasion, taking place only about once every 35 years in any country.

LaptopGwen Bell is right
Gwen Bell in her Digital Warriorship talks about the burden of a cluttered digital space. So I decluttered mine - and the feeling is great! Any property that we 'borrow' during our lifetime will not help us in the final hour (or second) and we will have to leave it behind on Earth and continue on alone, again.

On minimalismTo own or not to own
Nobody can own anything, for we are born empty-handed and we also die empty-handed. During our lifetime, we are just given things to use for a while, but finally the loan is paid back and the accumulated things remain deserted, in a better case scenario, to be used by others, family members or just anonymous strangers...

RoseReunion (yes, another poem)
After the hilarious success of the previously posted English poem, I publish another piece of my poetry. Enjoy!

WinterWinter is here!
Instead of complaining about the cold weather, I will take advantage of the pleasures it brings. I am going to build snowmen and snow forests (as I do almost every winter anyway. It is so much fun!). And I'll take trips into the countryside where everything is covered in snow, everything is white.. Yes, it is beautiful!

Some of my Czech texts are available here.

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