Do you really want to live forever?

Why can't we live forever? It is not possible. It will never be possible. Even without accidents: we are getting older, every minute of our lives. Death is just around the corner...

There is only one way to physical immortality. Not individual immortality (we know what the way of all flesh is and sometimes certain events remind us of this fact too well) but immortality of the genes that formed us into what we are... We personally will never see the 23rd century, but some of our descendants will. In fact, only genes are immortal, flowing from an unknown past, combining themselves and creating new individuals with the goal of creating a new generation to bear the genes into the future... There is a purpose to this, and we all play a small part in it, no matter under what conditions we live.

Consider slavery in America as an example: Yes, it was bad and immoral, but in the long-term perspective, it was the best thing to have happened to the genes from Africa. Africa is now suffering from so many problems: AIDS, hunger, wars, disease. In the times of slavery, genes from the whole of Africa went to a new country, where they could combine with new genes. If they had remained in Africa, the chance would not have existed and the genes would have only combined with those of close relatives, which would have created nothing new, just as in the case of the Native Americans.

 Did you know that all Native Americans are, in fact, descendants of only seven people, the original small group who crossed the Bering Strait from Asia to America? This was found by scientists who recently made genetic maps of the world. All Native Americans from Alaska to Argentina are close relatives. So, from the genetic viewpoint, it was good that people bearing genes from Europe, Africa and Asia started arriving. What I suggest is not racism, it could be the reverse: If  people from Africa or America had achieved higher levels of civilisation and colonised other continents before the Europeans, everybody today would be able to speak Navaho or Swahili... But, from the genetic viewpoint, this is not important, as long as the genes continue to be passed on. Civilisations come and go. Life itself is important, life must go on.

This is what I like about the U.S. today: people move freely from state to state, so that their genes can create new combinations. The more diverse mankind is, the better chance of survival in the future. Europe is not so ideal because of language barriers. In France, people speak French, in Portugal, Portuguese, in Denmark, Danish... and if you do not speak the local language, you can not get a really good job. That is why Europeans tend to stay in their mother countries, although they are legally allowed to live in any other country. Only five out of about 360 million Europeans live and work in a country other than the one in which they were born. But, hopefully, this will change within a few generations.

After some time, there will only be one language spoken in the world (if this civilisation continues the way it now is) it is a reality that local languages are dying out. It does not matter which language dominates. Right now, English seems to be winning, but it might be Spanish or French.. It could even be Arabic, but this is not the trend today. The Russian language is also not a hot topic..

In my opinion, this civilisation is a great chance for all people around the globe. It enables the co-existence of different cultural streams and their blending. Under any other system this cooperation, information sharing and tolerance would not be possible. Yes, there are problems, but it is unbelievable how small these problems really are. The world is a global village and there are billions of people living more or less peacefully in it.

Mankind is already currently like one gigantic organism, and this will be even more obvious in future. There are still imperfections: war here, hunger there, hatred in another place.. But this is all temporary. Progress moves very fast, and it is wonderful that already 6 billion people live on this planet. With better political and economic systems, even more people could be  living here. (And there is the Universe all around us, with its infinite number of stars and planets. One day mankind will reach the stars.) Progress is inevitable. People vote for it. Millions of people try hard to move to the USA, the EU and other developed regions. It is their free choice to leave their native lands and to relocate. So it is obvious what people want. This is the mainstream of civilisation and no lonely fanatics can do anything about it.

Perhaps the USA will be the one country to spread, absorbing Canada and Mexico in the first wave, then the rest of the world. The process will probably be called a "free market zone" which would include an increasing number of states. I believe the alliance of the EU and US will get stronger and all citizens will be granted legal residence in any of the member states without any problems. The US influence will spread. But, at the same time, it will get weaker as more countries are included. No centrally planned empire has ever survived for more than a few centuries.

The solution is a union of independent democratic states to allow freedom and a free economy within and also outside their territory. And the process will continue, step by step, generation by generation. After some time, there will be no national regions and no national languages. Names like Argentina, Texas, Australia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Taiwan, Alaska will only have a geographical meaning, not a political one. It will not matter from which part of the world a person comes, it will make no real difference. Only a difference in nature and climate, that is all. Anyway, we are all from Earth!

Future generations will live in a wonderful world without borders and nations.
And human genes will freely combine into new unique unions.
Be patient: what are a few thousand years compared to eternity?

My abiding conclusion from the above is:
And be part of the globalisation process, to help destroy barriers between people.
Genes from the whole world must flow on freely.

Copyright 2000 Viktor Horak. All rights reserved.