Gwen Bell is right

Today's date is February 29, 2012.

A very special date which comes only once in four years.

This is the opportunity for a new beginning.

Gwen Bell in her Digital Warriorship (v.1) talks about the burden of a cluttered digital space. Also Ev Bogue, Futurist and the only true Minimalist in the Universe, proves that real freedom is in owning less, both in physical and digital form (do not mistake with homelessness!). Only then one can see clearly.

Read and live Digital Warriorship

They are absolutely right.

Today I uninstalled all needless programs.

I deleted overwhelming audio and video files, documents etc. that have accumulated in my PC in previous years.

I actually deleted everything which is not needed for my work.

Even soundtracks from Hair, Moulin Rouge and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Amy Winehouse discography.

400 cookbooks.

800 episodes of Star Trek.

Harry Potter series.

Steve Jobs documentaries and biographies.

Personal Development megacollection.

Thousands of ebooks.

And much more...

Tons of files has just disappeared and only current projects remain on my hard drive.

Although interesting, educating or entertaining, these files were just adding to the distractive noise.

I have to continue alone, this is the only possible way to grow.

I have nothing.

It's all peaceful now.