Pray for Capitalism
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A Prayer to Capitalism

My friends, I have something special for you in the approach to the Christmas holidays. The Capitalist system, the only one to ensure personal liberties, is in grave danger. The bell is tolling for it, due to the growing nationalistic tendencies worldwide and increasing political intervention in free markets.

This need not be so: I offer a cure to heal the world from artificial barriers and to unite all peoples under Mammon again. Together, we will surely succeed and the future can only be rosy!

The recipe is simple: Say aloud the following Prayer as often as you can to inspire your work, shopping and inter-personal relationships:

A Prayer to Capitalism:

Endure for ever, Capitalism,
for you are the best thing
ever created by mankind.
Only in unlimited economic systems
may I enjoy life any way I like.
I’m totally free. Thanks to you.
Though nothing is guaranteed,
nothing legal is restricted,
and that’s the way it’s got to be
to encourage eternal growth.
I can do anything I like,
while respecting others’ wishes.
I can travel anywhere I like,
as long as I’ve earned enough for it.
I can learn anything I like,
information streams flow freely.
Nothing limits my possibilities
to achieve anything in life.
By pursuing own profit,
I enrich society as a whole.
By buying, selling, creating,
I contribute to happiness for all.
May you endure for ever, Capitalism.

Yes my friends, we must keep the wheels in motion. We cannot afford a failure of the system. Not yet, not in 2012, not ever. We are all depending on this. As President Bush said after the 2001 problems in the US, in order to help – CONSUME! It’s that simple.

Capitalism is good, not badHow could we travel the globe whenever we liked, if most people stopped travelling and thus stopped keeping the airlines in operation? What would we wear if clothing producers just stopped functioning, because they realised that money was not necessary for their happiness? If too many people became spiritually-minded, total economic collapse would certainly follow. Hey, what would we eat if farmers grew just sufficient for themselves, not wanting to profit from their crops? Or if entrepreneurs just became fed up with all the political hassling which discourages free trade and increases unemployment? If all people lived like hippies, who would be qualified to heal them when they fell ill or had serious medical problems? Simply put: Please consume - so that I don't have to. :-)
If all people became artists, would there be anyone left to buy their art?

Pure spirituality will not feed anyone - whereas Capitalism enables all those wonderful cultural sidestreams to co-exist, making the world a beautiful and diverse place just because of them.

We cannot allow these non-Capitalist tendencies to prevail, or it might become too late to get back on course. Mankind is on a difficult path to global prosperity, like a tightrope-walker, who must not stop or step aside, as this would lead to a fall. Everything is at stake. Yes, there are difficulties to be overcome, that’s just fine! We should face and overcome these difficulties en masse.

It is true that we are a part of Nature – but Nature has never been in balance. So many species disappeared before the first humans ever evolved. So as not to become extinct like the dinosaurs and to spread our genes across the planet and the Universe, the only way is ahead - and never to look back.


Picture above: "Capitalism and Freedom", originally published in 1962, is in many ways an enriching book, a true Bible for our Age. Milton Friedman's ideas are time-tested, and not only in the case of the political project of the Euro, against whose implementation he warned 10 years ago already....

Written on: 1st January 2009


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