I was in your city yesterday,
To visit my relatives,
And I thought about you, babe
I never learned the reason why...
We both were born in this city
We got lost and met again
And everything we did, and everything we tried
It's impossible to forget.

In a foreign country I've been living
All those years that came and went
And all the time I‘ve been missing
The native land where I was born...
I wish I could start over there again
But it's impossible to turn back time, I know
And whatever I do, and whatever I try
It doesn‘t help me anyhow.

You live there - and I am somewhere else
We know different people - but they could be the same!
If my family hadn’t moved from home
Maybe, we would be good friends...
How is it possible I did not know you
From kindergarten, or primary school?
And anything we try, and anything we do
Can not change the rules.

Now I wonder what will be
I am sorry about the lost time
We live now - and I understand
That each of us goes our separate way...
But if I hear you're crying, babe
I will come to ease your pain
Although everything I can do, and everything I can try
Is too little, I'm afraid.

Nothing really is important
Only that we live, girl:
What a pleasure to see you walking
What a pleasure to hear you talking...
Why can't we do what we want to
Without ever turning back?
And everything we do, and everything we try
It just simply ain't enough.

Why don't you come to me tomorrow
Just to take a little walk?
We don't need to talk about us
Simple conversation of friends...
You can leave me on a jet plane
But you will never really escape
And everything you do, and everything you try
It's all useless - all the way.

There's nothing more to say, Eve
And I guess you know it too
I am happy we have met
Finally I have learned about you...
And even though we were separated in the past
Maybe we can take advantage of this chance
And anything we'll do, and anything we'll try
This will be our time.

Note:  Eve and I remain good friends to this day.

Copyright © 1999 Viktor Horak. All rights reserved.