Winter is here!

The mornings are getting quite cold! There is often mist all around, the roads are wet or covered in ice and frozen snow, people wear warm clothes and walk briskly. This reminds me of the 'old' times, when I was in the Army, in barracks lost in the middle of nowhere and everything was under snow. The weather was cold, but also nice: This morning (23.11.) on my way to work I watched the falling snow in the light of the street lamps, it was like a fairy-tale. Everything was dark except the snow glistening in the light. The road was covered in ice and snow too and so I had to be careful not to slip on it...

I have already discussed the calamities from which this part of the Czech Republic is suffering: when all the traffic stops and people have to stay in their homes and can not go to work. (By the way, it is a statistically proven fact that about nine months after these calamities, there are more children born than the average number per year...).

It is very cold outside, and each and every day it gets colder. Every year this time, I dream about moving to another country, somewhere in the south and near the sea Croatia, Greece, Spain, those countries would do. It would be even better to live in both hemispheres, to have one house in the EU and another in Australia or New Zealand. To enjoy perpetual summer. To swim in the sea whenever I liked, to wear only shorts, a T-shirt, sunglasses, straw hat, sandals and swimsuit. To eat tropical fruit and fish. To walk slowly and enjoy every single day in the sunshine. It does sound perfect, doesn't it?
However, maybe this dream is a fallacy. After some time, I would get bored by all the hot weather. When it is so hot that you can not do anything else but lie in the shade and wait for evening when the temperature falls to a tolerable level.

It is no accident that our civilisation, the civilisation that sent man to the Moon, started in cold places: people had to THINK how to survive the winter. So they discovered the benefit of rock-oil, of metals, they built better houses, made better clothes, better guns. This started the process of progress. In warmer parts of the world, people never achieved this, their cultures remained in the Stone Age or the era of feudalism.

So, cold weather is useful, after all... Anyway, all organisms are used to periods of relaxation after periods of activity. Some animals even sleep throughout the whole winter! And cold temperatures also bring about some positive things: I work in the ski industry, and the colder the winter, the better the business...

So, instead of complaining about the cold weather, I will take advantage of the pleasures it brings. In the very near future, I am going to get a pair of skis and enjoy skiing. And I am going to build snowmen and snow forests (as I do almost every winter anyway. It is so much fun!). And I'll take trips into the countryside where everything is covered in snow, everything is white.. Yes, it is beautiful! You only have to discover the beauty for yourself.

My conclusion therefore is: ENJOY WINTER !