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Online presentation of a translator

PřekladatelI offer my Translation Services on these pages -  translations from Czech to English and English to Czech. I translate contracts, websites, manuals, instructions, diploma / degree theses, magazines, books... and much more. I also interpret from English to Czech at business and other meetings, however, only abroad (See more in prices and references).

The purpose of this presentation
My intention in the composition of  this presentation is to encompass all the necessary information about the rates and conditions of my translation services. At the same time, I do not intend it to be just a brusque commercial offer by an anonymous translation agency, but the lively and colourful visiting card of a professional translator.

Personal approach
I offer a truly personal and open approach to my customers. Thanks to direct contact with a translator, and not through a translation agency in the role of mediator, information travels faster, more fluently and efficiently. Behind every order or enquiry for translation, I see a specific person who needs the translation and whom I therefore try to help.  Your order is of the utmost importance and binding to me as the translator. My translations are always top quality, delivered at a high professional level and in conformity with the pre-agreed conditions.

Because I am not a translation agency, I am able to offer better prices for my translations – if possible, I always try to please with the price! Ideally, please send  the text to be translated for evaluation and a free price quotation to my e-mail address.

Quality assurance:
To guarantee the quality of translation, my objective is not to accept as many orders as possible, but to do the best possible job for each order!  I schedule my translation work in such way that I always have ample time for each project, even if it means rejecting new enquiries. I will start working on other commissions only after completion of your translation. If I have time for your translation, I’ll be happy to include it in my schedule. If not, I’ll discuss with you the closest acceptable deadline. More in Qualifications.

Full attention
My emphasis is especially on the quality of translation, which means that I always reserve sufficient time for any confirmed order. Quality translation requires sufficient time. Therefore I will start work on other translations only after completing your particular translation to the very best of my ability. After receipt of your firm order, you may rest assured  that I will give your translation my full attention and that you will receive it on or before your deadline.

Every client and every text is different – and special to me!
If you send your text to my e-mail address for evaluation and a free quotation, I will reply as soon as possible so that you have enough time to decide whether the price and delivery date suit your needs. The format of the translation is mainly electronic. I accept texts for translation by e-mail or post and process them using the original graphics, fonts, images, etc.

I aim to build up a business relationship based on customer satisfaction, with the possibility of further co-operation. If possible, I’d be happy to start working on your translation immediately. Alternatively, I can recommend some of my colleagues qualified in a given field. Another option is to divide a big translation, with your approval, among several trusted translators with whom I cooperate. In this case, each of them would invoice his/her share of the work separately.

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