Prices of translations

I can provide a free quotation for any translation order on the basis of the source text sent in advance. The calculation of the translation price in advance is your assurance of the final cost of translation. Because I am not a translation agency, I can offer more flexible prices for translation.

Translation Czech / English
EUR 10
Proofreading by an English native speaker
+EUR 5
price upon agreement + travel costs
see note

Offer of proofreading
For that extra special quality  - and for your English translation to outshine all the rest -  I recommend my regular native-speaker proof-reader, who is an English teacher (TEFL) with a B.A. degree in English & Linguistics. There is an extra charge of EUR 5 per page for this Proofreading service see above. Alternatively, you can contact her directly here.

The method of the translation calculation
The calculation of translation price is based on the number of characters or words in the document. 1 standard page = 1 800 characters including spaces. Data on the number of characters and the number of words are available in MS Word, function Tools - Word Count. Translations in Excel or PowerPoint do not have this function, therefore, all such texts are copied into a Word document and calculated as above. In the case of non-editable formats (images, audio recordings, etc.) I will give you a price estimation, but the final price will be re-calculated on the basis of the finished translation.

An Order is finalised in writing - generally by e-mail -  which includes the billing information. I will confirm the order and state the price of the translation or an estimate of the price. I always try to offer reasonable prices and delivery conditions to my customers.

Billing for translation is carried out immediately after the completion of the contract or at the end of the month for all ordered and translated texts. The due payment date of an invoice is generally 14 days, or another agreed upon period. In the case of a large translation (more than 50 standard pages) or in justified cases, I negotiate the billing individually (down-payment, partial or full payment in advance, etc.). In the event of  long-term cooperation and bigger orders, we can come to an individual agreement

I value every single order! (especially during the current ongoing economic crisis).
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time