Some of my customers

In addition to translating books or diploma theses, I have other corporate as well as private satisfied clients both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Among the honoured clients with whom I have excellent cooperation (in alphabetical order) are:

Agel Enterprises Inc. (USA) – translations of Health Care products,
Air Liquide Welding Central Europe (Slovakia) – translations of internal materials
Anna Lindth Foundation (Egypt) – translations of materials presented abroad
Antique Paint (England) – translation of business offers
AvenEU Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Bt. (Hungary) - translation of legal documents
European Car Auction and Distribution Solutions N.V. (Belgium) – updates of their website
Firsteco New Brand Worldwide Limited (England) – miscellaneous 
Handbury Investments Limited (Cyprus) – legal texts
Interspices Inc. (USA) – various translations
Mandus Invest SA (Switzerland) – translations of offered financial services
Railtechniek Van Herwijnen B.V. (Netherlands) – translations in the combination English - Czech
Rettig Austria GmbH (Vogel&Noot GmbH) (Austria) – miscellaneous
Traductio Limited (England) – occasional help with Czech translations
Translator Est (Liechtenstein) – occasional translations to and from the Czech language

Client confidentiality
I regard all information obtained from any text enquiry or translated text  to be strictly confidential and guarantee to preserve strict client confidentiality. I have signed an Agreement to maintain confidentiality with certain companies, and these clients are therefore not even listed in my References.

Special accomplishments:
I also devote myself to the translation of books. I started doing these English – Czech translations because, due to work commitments, I did not have the time to read any interesting books. Thus I ideally combined business with pleasure.
Thanks to my translations of various books, in 2008 I entered the "Hall of Fame" as I was included in the database of “national authorities” as kept by the National Library of the Czech Republic. Moreover, thanks to the copies that grateful publishers send me, I always have gifts for Christmas and other occasions...

Latest translations of books from Czech to English include Life of Man and In the House (see info on a separate page)